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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Bye, bye Badgers

Posted by: Hammer / 3:47 PM

Quasi-live blogging of the Badger game:

Sean May is a great player and dominated the game -- but if he gets one more dunk, they'll need a mop in the CBS booth.

Someone ask a doctor -- does it count as aerobic exercise if my heart is racing for 2 hours?

Wisconsin loses by 6...but they probably should've lost by more. North Carolina has a great team. They have more talent than Illinois, which is the best team I've seen play this year. North Carolina has two or three NBA lottery picks (not necessarily in the upcoming NBA draft). Wisconsin's best players don't even have positions in the NBA. Mike Wilkinson is a little, slow-footed big forward and Alando Tucker is an even littler, but quick-footed big forward. Wisconsin was a little too sloppy with the ball, but mostly North Carolina made enough big plays to win. Most importantly, North Carolina made six consecutive free throws down the stretch: all on one-and-ones. If they miss one or two of those shots, the Badgers would've had more options.

There were a lot of seniors on this year's team. Clayton Hanson, Andreas Helmigk, Sharif Chambliss, Zach Morley, and Mike Wilkinson. Each was special in his own way. Hanson made the most of limited physical skills. Helmigk had to overcome a serious knee injury that totally changed his game. Chambliss really wanted to play for Wisconsin. He was willing to give up a year of eligibility and the freedom to shoot to play for the Badgers. Morley had a rare court savvy and a haircut bad enough to invoke Frankenstein's monster inspired cries of "Mmm, basket good!" whenever he made a play. But it's been a special privilege to watch Mike Wilkinson play for four years. For all I know, he's the world's biggest prick -- but he played every minute of his years at Wisconsin with exemplary class. So if he is a prick, which I doubt, he hid it really well.


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