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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Killing fields

Posted by: Hammer / 7:47 AM

Sometimes, no comment is necessary. Yet I make one, anyway, but commenting on the unnecessariness of commenting. I am an ass. Here's the story:
...Delegates to the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting have approved a resolution encouraging churches to investigate what impact the homosexual agenda is having on public schools. The resolution that made it to the floor in Nashville did not call for the withdrawal of children from public schools, but for parents to make that decision. During debate, Florida messenger Robert Dreyfuss said overall, public schools cannot provide a biblical foundation for children. "If we continue doing things as we've been doing them, I think we're going to look very much like Europe now looks," the delegate said. "Public schools are a mission field -- but they're a killing field to our children."
I'm sure the right will go ape shit over comparing public schools to the Khmer Rouge:
The Killing Fields were a number of sites in Cambodia where large-scale killings were carried out by the Khmer Rouge during their rule from 1975 to 1979. The best-known of these sites is Choeung Ek. If someone would commit something considered a crime by the Khmer Rouge, they would, depending on the seriousness of the crime, receive a warning from the Angkar (the Khmer Rouge Government). More than two warnings resulted in the convict being sent for re-education, which meant certain death. People were often encouraged to confess to Angkar their prerevolutionary lifestyles and crimes, being told that Angkar would forgive them and "wipe the slate clean." This, of course, meant being taken away to places such as Tuol Sleng or Choeung Ek for torture or execution. The executed were buried in mass graves. In order to save ammunition, the convicted were often executed using only sharpened bamboo sticks. The soldiers who committed the executions were mostly brainwashed young men from peasant families.


Nope, don't sanction use of hyperbole from the Baptists, either. It's wrong for both sides of the aisle.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:12 PM  

And, to be fair, there's a difference between a member of the US Senate and a delegate at the Southern Baptist convention.

By Blogger Hammer, at 1:15 PM  

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