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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

What else is on TV?

Posted by: Hammer / 9:57 AM

The Media Research Center, run by the long-discredited Brent Bozell, the King of the 28 page ellipsis, says it's time for the government to stop funding PBS and NPR:
Rich Noyes of the Media Research Center (MRC) says if those on the Left want to keep outlets like PBS and NPR on the air, wealthy liberal businessmen like George Soros ought to pull out their checkbooks. Noyes says Soros "threw I don't know how many millions of dollars into the [national presidential election] campaign last year."

The MRC spokesman says he puts no credence in "the idea that there's not enough money out there" among "the people who actually like and watch [public radio and television] with its liberal agenda" that those fans of NPR and PBS "couldn't get out there to support it." And it is outrageous, he adds, that Democrats like New York Congresswoman Nita Lowey always pull out "Big Bird" when cutbacks are threatened.

...But popular and useful shows like Sesame Street are not the public radio programs that require help, Noyes points out. "It's the programs that are unpopular," he says, "like Now, which was Bill Moyers show -- now it's David Brancaccio's show -- [it is those programs] that simply offer far Left Wing propaganda that need the public subsidy to stay on the air."

What is hard to justify, Noyes insists, is "why PBS, out of all the television stations out there, and NPR, out of all the radio stations out there, are the only ones to get a public subsidy, and everybody else has to compete in the marketplace."

First, according to Media Matters, Now receives no funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Now's primary (sole?) underwriter is Mutual of America Life Insurance Company. Once again, the MRC simply has its facts wrong.

Not only does MRC have its facts wrong, its pushing contradictory policies. MRC wants the marketplace to decide what our children watch. But, MRC doesn't want the marketplace decide what adults watch, if adults choose to watch Desperate Housewives or chicks kissing.

Consider, finally, what MRC leaves out. MRC ignores the appointment of a staunch Republican chair to to head the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Tomlinson. MRC ignores the growing conservative voices on PBS. MRC plays its members for sheep.


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