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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hola Patty! Privet Selma!

Posted by: Hammer / 7:41 AM

Alert reader Sunshine asks: To which Hammer replied: Huh? Hammer can be very clever, even when he is confused. Sunshine was kind enough to send us this story:
The Minnesota Senate Transportation Committee has rejected a proposal that would have required all driver's license exams in the state to be conducted in English. ...

A bill introduced by Sen. Mady Reiter, R-Shoreview, would have ended that practice and banned the use of interpreters. Similar legislation was defeated in the House last year after a stormy debate.

Reiter said the law is needed to improve road safety and protect against cheating on driver's license exams. She cited a news report about an interpreter who helped people cheat on their tests.

As a rule, we need a lot more laws based on anecdotal evidence. For example, I think we need a law to create a statewide rescue squad. For kitties. See, I watch the KARE-11 news from time to time and it seems like kitties are very often imperiled. We should devote the resources necessary to have experienced experts available to rescue kitties statewide. Sure, the local fire department can usually rescue a tabby from a tree. But does every community have experts available to rescue a calico clinging to driftwood in a rushing river? Does every community have the skills immediately at hand to retrieve a Himalayan from a well? Does every community have a tiny little jaws of life to rescue Persians from collapsed cat carriers?

As for Siamese, they are on their own under my legislation.

Public transportation is a sad, unfunny joke in Minnesota. It's like Chairman of the Board, but with buses. If we don't want good public transportation, then we have to make driver's licenses as accessible as possible.

Immigration is a good thing. It invigorates American culture. It strengthens our ties with the world. It shores up Social Security. We should welcome all those who want to come and contribute to a shared future.


What's a hose beast? Is that some womyn bashing phrase for a human being with a phallus?

By Anonymous Ba Ha Ha, at 6:35 PM  

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