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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Football break

Posted by: Hammer / 7:55 AM

I probably contemplate Brett Favre's greatness more than most people who aren't named Gerbschmidt or Favre. In Favre's 13 years as a Packer, they've had 12 winning seasons and 0 losing seasons. In the 13 years before Favre, the Packers had 2 winning seasons and 7 losing seasons.

For all his success on the football field, Favre hasn't caught a break in about 5 years. His father died, his wife had breast cancer, his brother was involved in a fatal car accident, now his family's home has been destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Before that, of course, he was addicted to painkillers, addicted to alcohol, and saw one of his best friends charged with sexually assaulting a minor. It's a Greek tragedy, without the incest.


I can't believe you didn't add to that list "losing Marco Rivera and Mark Wahle." That's the change that is going to result in a lot of impact(s) on Favre this season. ;)

By Blogger Smartie, at 9:23 AM  

I suspect the loss of Rivera and Wahle will affect the running game more than the passing game. Favre has a quick trigger. Plus, you get Flanagan back, which will be a boost.

Packers had Adam Timmerman and Aaron Taylor at guard during the Super Bowl years. They replaced those guys pretty easily.

By Blogger Hammer, at 9:43 AM  

And don't forget he also lost Cameron Diaz to Ben Stiller in "There's Something About Mary." That ones gotta hurt.

By Blogger Jambo, at 10:41 AM  

Even you have to admit that his acting hast gotten much, much better from Something About Mary to the new toothpaste commercials.

By Blogger Hammer, at 11:17 AM  

And didn't he do a pretty good job pretending to be sacked a while ago?

By Blogger Jambo, at 5:32 PM  

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