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Monday, October 24, 2005

Presented without comment.

Posted by: Jambo / 12:04 PM

From the Times:

There is probably intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe, and there is evidence in the Bible to suggest that it could be Christian, according to the Roman Catholic Church.
OK, after getting to the third paragraph I have to comment a little:
Brother Guy Consolmagno, a Jesuit, who is one of the Vatican’s leading astronomers, concedes that he could be wrong. Ultimately, he says, “We don’t know.” But in the new book, part of the Explanations series designed to explain Catholic teaching in everyday language, he says that part of his hunch is scientific. With so many billions of planets, stars and galaxies, he says, “ surely, somewhere in that number, there must be other civilised, rational beings”.
Now if your reasoning is that the vast number of planets makes it likely that civilized life exists elsewhere aren't you saying that you believe that life develops as a random, rather than a designed, event? After all, if God is populating planets with living creatures then the number of other planets doesn't really factor in, does it? He could just decide that one out of every 10 planets will have life and move on to his morning coffee.


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