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Saturday, June 28, 2008

What will Ron Carey say?

Posted by: Hammer / 8:22 PM

Al Franken owed some taxes in California, which proved to Ron Carey that Franken wasn't trustworthy:

In light of the most recent personal income tax news, Minnesota GOP Chairman Ron Carey once again questioned Franken's credibility.

"I think anybody who wants to aspire to be one of the top 100 leaders of this country, write the rules and the laws that we have to live by, when you have somebody of that stature who is not playing by the rules, that really draws into question your integrity and your character," Carey said.

Carey is predicting Minnesota voters will hold Franken accountable for his tax problems.

...Coleman was happy to discuss the latest development.

"These are troubling, the lack of (the) failure to take full responsibility is troubling, minimizing this is troubling and the people of Minnesota will then make a judgement as to whether there can be any trust or any credibility to whatever he says about this next."

Got that? Fail to pay taxes in California for some reason, and you lack integrity and character. Doesn't matter if you have an accountant who's supposed to take care of these things for you -- it's a personal responsibility.

Queue the danger music...

Via Huff Po reporting on an article to appear in Newsweek:

Newsweek is set to publish a highly embarrassing report on Sen. John McCain, revealing that the McCains have failed to pay taxes on their beach-front condo in La Jolla, California, for the last four years and are currently in default, The Huffington Post has learned.

Under California law, once a residential property is in default for five years, it can be sold at a tax sale to recover the unpaid taxes for the taxpayers.

No, I do not expect Ron Carey and Norm Coleman to hold John McCain to the same standard Al Franken is expected to meet.


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