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Friday, February 18, 2005

Open Source Friday -- Derekota is here!

Posted by: Hammer / 8:54 AM

Conflicting news on the browser front. After weeks of reading that IE couldn't and wouldn't be updated until the new version of Windows is released, MS reversed course this week. Looks like the good folks building Firefox view a new IE more as a challenge than anything else.

Two new Mozilla extensions to share. The Abe Vigoda Status extension gives you a current report on whether Vigoda is still alive. It's fun for a day or two. Blockfall is a Tetris-like game that can be run within Firefox. It doesn't improve browsing at all, but it's a fun twist on Tetris, nevertheless.


C'mon. This is what everyone has been waiting for. If you have Windows, there's a download just for you. Unzip the files to a new folder, then find and run "Derekota.exe". Use the arrow keys to control your floating head hero (up for thrust, down for reverse thrust). Use the space bar to throw dirty diapers at the rampaging wildlife. For Linux/Mac users, you need this download. You'll also need to download Python 2.3 (not 2.4), Pygame 1.6, and SDL 1.2.8. Consider this the 0.9 release of Derekota -- a playable preview. I need to add a few features (high scores, multiple lives, shields, more levels) before the first 1.0 preview release.


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