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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Smilin' Norm: Bush good, specifics bad

Posted by: Hammer / 3:36 PM

MPR: On Social Security issue, Minnesota delegation splits:
Coleman says the president won't put forward a comprehensive plan for private accounts and instead will leave the details up to Congress.

"He'll talk about personalizing Social Security -- giving you some ownership, giving you some right to be able to grow your money just like members of Congress do, but he'll also say we've got a problem out there that we know is going to hit. You can't deny the numbers, and he'll be turning to Congress to come up with ways to fix the problem and I think that's the responsible thing to do," Coleman says.

Letting you grow your money just like members of Congress do -- that's good. Letting you buy health insurance just like members of Congress do -- that's bad.

Does Smilin' Norm actually say anything? Ownership's a canard. Everyone already has a personal account. Members of Congress pay social security, just like everyone else. They have an additional retirement plan on top of social security, but that's true of almost all high wage earners. Coleman says you can't deny the numbers, which is technically true, as he doesn't bother to cite any numbers.

On the other hand, his teeth are as straight and white as the Republican base.


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