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Saturday, March 19, 2005

All Their Lies are Belong to Brock

Posted by: Hammer / 4:45 PM

Media Matters uncovered a gem:
Right-wing activist David Horowitz, the president of Students for Academic Freedom (SAF), which purports to fight anti-conservative bias on the nation's college campuses, has admitted that a story highly publicized by his group concerning alleged events at the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) "appears to be wrong," and that "our presentation of this case appears now to have had several faults." Horowitz made the concession in an article posted on, his online magazine, on March 15, under the headline, "Correction: Some of Our Facts Were Wrong, But Our Point Was Right."

On March 14, in a post on his blog titled "A new Brock slander goes round the web (and is refuted here)," Horowitz had accused Media Matters for America, which raised questions about whether the Colorado story was true in a March 7 item, of "slander" and insisted the story was true. Despite Horowitz's March 15 concession that the story is not true, the false attack on Media Matters is still posted on his blog.

We've mentioned Horowitz before. Kudos to Media Matters for demonstrating that our skepticism was warranted. Not every right wing anecdote is untrue, but it's important to make credibility the first question in every debate with a serial liar like Horowitz. If we don't, we end up in Swift Boat Veteran land, where so many lies are told that the corrections can't come fast enough. Any pundit willing to pimp faked facts needs to be treated with scorn and derision until they are willing to wed themselves to the truth.


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