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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Doesn't have to be a Friday

Posted by: Hammer / 12:30 PM

From the email bag: It was a good day, no doubt. The only thing worse than cheering against Randy Moss is having to cheer for him. It's rare when your best player is your hardest-working player. The truly gifted have the ability to coast on talent from an early age. For every Walter Payton -- a man of enormous physical talents and great work ethic -- there must be 10 guys with great talent and poor work habits. Most of those guys get drummed out of professional sports because they are lousy teammates. Moss isn't the guy who shows up out of shape or refuses to practice. He's worse. He's the guy who quits on his team when the game isn't going well.

But the Moss trade -- to be announced tomorrow -- is not the best day of my life. It's not clearly not the best Packer fan day of my life. Number one has to be the first real playoff win in my lifetime -- beating Detroit on a long last minute touchdown. Then the Super Bowl over New England. Then the first playoff win over San Francisco, because that might the Packers had arrived. The Moss trade isn't the best day of my Viking-hating life. That's a tie between 41-0 drubbing and the take a knee loss to Atlanta.

I have a wonderful wife and two perfect children. So, of course, the best day of my life is the day I skipped Sociology 101 to go to the Twins-Brewers game with Ba Ha Ha and Captain Rotary. I was fan of the day. I got prizes. Ba Ha Ha smuggled in a bottle of 151. We stumbled home 2 miles from the 'Dome to our apartment in Dinkytown. Ba Ha Ha went his own way, but Captain Rotary and I made the AIDS Test Kid grill us some stakes on the balcony. I wrote a paper for Soc 101 on how the crowd acted. I passed the class. Good day.

My best day at my last job was winning my first jury trial with a client I was sure was not guilty. My first worst day at my last job was coming to the conclusion that he probably was guilty. There were plenty of worst days after that, but the kicker was when my client was convicted of 3 felonies for making terroristic threats when the only witness against him was a deaf woman with a history of serious mental illness and the inability to recall what my client had said. At bottom, my client was convicted of being an asshole, which was a fair verdict. The punishment -- 20 years -- bore no relation to the crime.

My best day at my current job was a Friday. I got paid. There was a health fair on campus with toys and prizes. The cafeteria had free samples of yogurt drinks. I got a free lunch for trying a pretty good yogurt drink. I've long held this up as my best day at the current job because it demonstrates how trivial I deem my job to be.

But then. My worst day at my current job was last week. A system crash destroyed two days' worth of work. Sure, that was annoying, but replaceable. What surprised me was how frustrated I was at the disruption. I was annoyed that I couldn't get my work done. Somehow, my work had actually become important to me. Weird.

The upshot of the epiphany is that I've been living a lie for going on 5 years. Fortunately, I'm not only comfortable with the lie I've lived so far, but I'm comfortable living it for the foreseeable future. If you're willing to believe the lies you tell yourself, you never need to grow as a man. We can all be grateful for that.


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