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Friday, April 01, 2005

Open Source Friday - Mozilla Remains Bounty-ful

Posted by: Hammer / 8:49 AM

For a decent history of free and open source software, read this. If you're not interested, don't. Easy, eh?


Dammit. If only I had real computer expertise, I could've turned all my time browsing into cold, hard cash. A researcher in Germany won $2,500 in bounties from the Mozilla Foundation for identifying security issues.

Richard Stallman

Richard Stallman is both one of open source software's best promoters and worst enemies. It's like voting for Dennis Kucinich in the primaries: even if he's the best match for your political views, he's got no chance to win and no willingness to compromise. He's an idealist, which is why he can get away with this hair:

In this interview, he makes a number of interesting points. Plus, he insists on calling Linux, "GNU/Linux", which has is as accurate as it is cumbersome to say. Stallman is best known, though, for never being satisfied:

OFB: Since its purchase by Novell, the entity that was formerly known as Ximian seems to have become even more Free Software friendly and, Novell as a whole, has started to free up a lot of their code. Are you satisfied with the steps they are taking?

RMS: I can't be entirely happy with Novell as long as it distributes non-free software, and in particular, I can't entirely approve of SuSe as long as it distributes non-free software. However, Novell's changes go in the right direction. The Ximian and SuSe programs that were non-free are free now.



For those of you who want to read about free and open source software more than one day a week, you can subscribe to Free Software Magazine. For $4.95 an issue, I suppose they must have some nudity. Barely legal penguins next door, at the very least. If you would rather read about Linux from a new user's perspective, try TUX magazine. It's the "first and only magazine for the new Linux user. Before Oprah convinced me that I could be a billionare by pinching pennies I subscribed to Linux Journal. It's a good magazine for everyone who wants to upgrade their motherboards, but really shouldn't.


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