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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Bush: Merely unimpressive or truly dismal?

Posted by: Hammer / 11:10 AM

Courtesy of the ever-hopeful Emerging Democratic Majority, we get a clear picture of where Bush stands, and which way he is headed:
The new Pew Research Center poll gives Bush his worst approval rating ever in that poll: just 43 percent, with 50 percent disapproval. And the new Time/SRBI poll has his rating at 46 percent approval/47 percent disapproval, also a low in that poll.

The Time poll has Bush’s economic approval rating at 38 percent/56 percent, also a new low; his Iraq approval rating at 41 percent/55 percent, tied for his lowest ever; his Social Security rating at an abysmal 31/59; and even his rating on the war on terrorism at an unimpressive 53 percent/42 percent.

I know very recently I've scolded others for suggesting electoral malfeasance where none has been proven to exist, but how can so many people who disapprove of Bush have voted for him? Was Kerry that bad? Or did something go terribly wrong?

For now, my money is still on Kerry was that unlikeable, but I'm going to read the book with an open mind.


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