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Monday, June 13, 2005

Not everything Power Line posts is crap

Posted by: Hammer / 7:59 AM

They've got a relatively fair-minded report on a recent Al Franken speech here. Only two quibbles, both of which are very minor:
Entering the 21st Avenue Parking ramp across from the concert hall, I found the car in front of me to be sporting "Bush '04/Sieg Heil" and "Who Would Jesus Bomb" bumper stickers. I think it's fair to say that the bumper stickers represented the prevalent spirit of the crowd, which in appearance on average was the kind of clean-cut all-American group that bears out the "Minnesota nice" cliche. Bush hatred has gone mainstream among Democratic Party supporters and activists. The event drew an enthusiastic audience of 1,100 on a Saturday evening. They arrived early and filled the $100 seats. By any measure, the event appeared to be a great success.
Yep, and it's fair to judge all Republicans based on a Confederate flag in the rear window of a pickup truck at a Bush rally. Is it ever fair to judge 1,100 people based on the bumper stickers on one car?
JOHN adds: I'm not sure it's because I have any greater distance, but I can't help viewing the fact that the DFL party is seriously considering a once-popular comedian as its Senate candidate is a measure of how far that party has fallen, notwithstanding its 2004 gains, which I think were due to the extraordinary turnout generated by MoveOn and ACT for the Presidential contest.
First, John needs to learn to put a sentence out of its misery. Second, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Republican governor of California. So long as there are no steroid scandals or unwanted gropings in Franken's past, I'd say that makes him far more qualified than Cpt. Jingle All the Way.


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