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Friday, June 10, 2005

Fun with polls

Posted by: Hammer / 9:14 AM

National Review Online has joined the great campaign to slime Rock the Vote. Watch how NRO's Sean Higgins slices a poll dishonestly:
This is despite the fact that numerous polls -- even a February one jointly commissioned by AARP and RTV -- have shown that most younger voters favor private accounts.

A recent CBS poll found that "Young people under age 30 ... are the most supportive of President Bush’s plan to allow individuals to invest a portion of their Social Security taxes on their own: two-thirds say it’s a good idea."

But in this case RTV is happy to oppose those voters’ views. "All the cool kids oppose privatization," Riemer wrote on RTV’s official blog earlier this year. Like AARP, it maintains there’s no significant funding crisis with the program and will brook no contrary opinion.

You can read at CBS's poll yourself. To his credit, Sean Higgins provides a link, too, but I don't think he wants you to read the poll. The poll finds that a mere 26% of Americans support Bush's Social Security plan. Younger people are slightly more approving than the general population: a full 32% like the Bush plan on Social Security. In opposing Bush's plan to vaporize Social Security, Rock the Vote is aligned with 70% of the age group it represents.


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