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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Divorce: American (Empire) Style

Posted by: Hammer / 10:15 AM

On Tuesday we noted that Smilin' Norm Coleman thinks that US troops returning home from Iraq should wait for the normal budget process rather than seek immediate, supplemental funding. We disagreed, saying: "Veterans will be more likely to commit suicide, face divorce, or become addicted to alcohol or drugs."

Today's news:

The number of US army officers getting divorced has soared in the past few years, the Pentagon says, a trend blamed on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2004 the rate of divorce was more than three times as high as in 2002, figures showed.

"The stressors are extreme in the officer corps, especially when we're at war," an army spokeswoman said. ...

In the year to September 2002, 1.9% of percent of married Army officers got divorced, along with 3.1% of married enlisted soldiers, according to Pentagon figures cited by Reuters.

In 2003, when the Iraq war began, the figure for officers rose to 3.3% while for enlisted soldiers it fell to 2.8%.

The following year, the figures were 6% and 3.5% respectively.

Since Strib columnist Katherine Kersten is so concerned about society's interests in preserving the institution of marriage, I assume her next column will be a rousing denouncement of Bush's misadventure in Iraq.


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