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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Vacation Plans Thwarted

Posted by: ben. for reals. / 11:53 AM

I heard Al Franken talking about this today.

Because I am a giver, I would have been willing to go, undercover, for Three Way News for the low low price of the cost of the cruise. But word is that although the cruise is still taking place, O’Reilly’s appearance has been canceled due to lack of interest.

If anyone knows of a way for me to get my Battle for American Values fix, please let me know.


I think you'll find about 8 cents in the AdSense account. Use that.

By Blogger Hammer, at 12:30 PM  

I was going to chip in by clicking on one of your ads, but I was afraid my boss might look over my shoulder as I was perusing the "Meet Armenian Singles" site.

By Blogger Joseph, at 8:44 AM  

It's the thought that counts.

By Blogger Hammer, at 9:01 AM  

You mean that Josephe thought about meeting Armenian singles? I don't think you should be encouraging that sort of thing.

By Blogger Jambo, at 1:49 PM  

What have you got against Armenians, Jambo? Or are you just more of a Leg-menian man?

By Blogger Hammer, at 1:56 PM  

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