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Monday, June 06, 2005

Nashville is 30?

Posted by: Jambo / 9:40 PM

I came to the film about 20 years late but that still makes me feel old.

From the NYT:

"Nashville" - which was released 30 years ago this month - is also, perhaps most of all, a powerful evocation of the most cynical era in modern American history. In 1975 the nation was still reeling from the Vietnam War, and its faith in institutions had been shattered by Watergate. Watching "Nashville" three decades later, there is an unsettling shock of recognition, because the government's current policies seem to be hurtling us to another time of deep national disillusionment. Nashville's great strength, and its enduring charm, is its ensemble of colorful and compelling characters. Ronee Blakley gives a remarkable performance as Barbara Jean, the reigning country music queen, who is losing grip of her sanity; Karen Black is Connie White, her archrival. Lily Tomlin, in the role of a lifetime, plays Linnea Reese, a mother of two deaf children, who sings in an African-American church choir, and is tempted to cheat on her husband with a visiting rock star. Henry Gibson is Haven Hamilton, the reigning country king, and Keith Carradine is Tom Frank, the rock star-lothario.
Lily Tomlin was fantastic and the scene of her getting dressed while Keith Carradine calls another woman is just beautifully done. He's a complete ass-hole but doesn't realize that there is no way he can even begin to hurt someone as tough as she is. Carradine wrote all his own songs (as did all the other actors, I think) and won a Best Song Oscar for the one he sings in the bar. [I first knew Libby Mae was totally cool when she recognized that song on my computer.]


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