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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The trouble with Hollywood

Posted by: Hammer / 10:34 AM

You know what the trouble with Hollywood is? They just don't care enough about the money:
The study conducted by the Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Dove Foundation found that G-rated movies are 11 times more profitable than movies that have a "Restricted" rating. Nevertheless, Rolfe says, the big studio execs and major movie industry producers still do not seem to be getting the message that family films can be the biggest money-makers.

"Now, what Hollywood has always argued," Rolfe says, "is that that smaller audience spends more money in the theaters, so they actually make more money by pandering to a smaller audience. Well, our study proves that that's not true." In fact, he notes, "Over a 15-year period, the average R-rated movie only made 7 million dollars, and the average G-rated movie made 79 million dollars during that same time."

In other words, Hollywood studios are so intent on pushing their perversion on America that they've forgotten that they are, by and large, publicly traded companies committed to making profits. Fox! Sony! Disney! Cast out your demons and start hiring some accountants!


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