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Friday, July 08, 2005

More site news

Posted by: Hammer / 4:44 PM

Yet more site news most of you won't be interested in...

I've updated the fonts. You should see the Georgia font on Windows/Mac and Century Schoolbook on Linux machines. If the fonts are too small for you, make 'em bigger. If that doesn't work, let me know and I'll make some changes. You can change the size of the fonts with control-mouse wheel, or on your browser's options/preferences menu.

I've fixed the search tools in the navigation (right) panel. The backgrounds should be white on all browsers now.

Blogroll links should light up when you hover over them now. In Firefox, they should light up all pretty, with rounded edges. This won't work in other browsers until the CSS 3 standard is adopted and implemented.

Only a few items left to port over from the old scheme. Gotta do an alternate style sheet with the ugly colors for Sean and Tard Patch. Gotta do another style sheet with a white background 'cause Jambo sez so. Gotta put links up for archives, themes, and our greatest hits. Gotta redo the images with transparent backgrounds.

Hope you like the changes. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions, comments, or criticisms.


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