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Monday, August 01, 2005

Can't swing a dead cat without hitting a cliche

Posted by: Jambo / 2:33 PM

Good lord, how many writing cliches can a person deliver in one column? When it's not a person but Minnesota's Worst Writer the answer is quite a few. Or is it a passel? Or more than you can shake a stick at? In today's outing the K-beast does another masterful job of mucking up what would be, in the hands of the average high school journalism student, a rather innocuous puff piece. I make no comment on the substance of today's column but instead print a verbatim list of the cliches that some editor in the employ of a major daily newspaper let KK pass off as professional writing.

  • bright lights and big bucks of big-time sports [alliteration is fine, but it doesn't count if you just repeat the words]
  • making his way through the city's squalid streets
  • a spanking new school
  • packed in three vans.
  • desperately poor people
  • a humble Central American village [good to avoid the arrogant ones]
  • hardscrabble farm [do successful people come from any other kind?]
  • could never ignore a stranger in need.
  • lots of charitable balls in the air
  • below the public's radar screen. [that happens ALL THE TIME, we need better radar screens]
  • What brought him to Guatemala [she said earlier it was a van]
  • he linked up with
  • squalid "ravines," [you can drive there on the squalid streets mentioned above]
  • ramshackle huts [people in these dream of moving to shotgun shacks and later to clapboard houses, the lucky ones get cookie cutter houses, or dare to dream stately manors with manicured lawns]
  • perch perilously [she avoids the cliched "perch precariously" which might have actually worked better]
  • start life anew.
  • education is the key to opportunity [KK done got educated, look what it did for her]
  • grinding poverty [that's what's affecting those desperately poor people above]
  • helping people who are trying to help themselves
  • All that remains for KK is to claim he's happy to be there, hopes he can help the team, and takes things one day at a time. Then she can close up shop and go home and sleep like a log. The sleep of angels, of course. I've said it before and, sadly, I'll say it again, "She gets paid for this crap?"


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