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Friday, August 19, 2005

Council for the Protection of the Constitution

Posted by: Hammer / 1:20 PM

Politically minded American religious conservatives, your James Dobsons and Tony Perkinses, are different than Iraqi clerics. They are not the same. I believe that.

They are, however, eerily similar.

Remember Justice Sunday? Justice Sunday 2? There's no question that James Dobson would love to have a Council for the Protection of the Constitution in this country:

The Shiites are determined to create a "Council for the Protection of the Constitution" similar to the one in Iran. [ In Iran, "Laws enacted by the Majlis must be approved by the Council for the Protection of the Constitution." This procedure seems fairly ominous to me; one of its latent functions is to prevent any conflict between civil statute and Islamic canon law.]

Some Sunni leaders remain optimistic that the constitution will be completed by the new deadline, Monday, Aug. 22. If it isn't, though, the Sunnis are blaming Americans: "Americans are more concerned about the sacred deadlines rather than the contents of the constitution, [Saleh al-Mutlaq] said." Just to keep things interesting, Muqtada al-Sadr organized a demonstration against a federation (which Shiites and Kurds prefer, but leaves Sunnis with a barren, oilless wasteland to call their home.) And 3 members of the Iraqi Islamic Party were kidnapped and executed as they put of posters calling for Sunni participation in the upcoming elections.


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