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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Norm's Notes Number 1: Highlights

Posted by: Hammer / 3:20 PM

A few highlights from the premiere issue of Norm's Notes, Sen. Smilin' Norm Coleman's (R-MN) monthly newsletter.

I was also proud to cast my vote for an overall federal budget that keeps the lid on spending and prevents tax increases on working moms and dad, while still address key priorities like supporting our troops and securing the homeland.

Keeps a lid on spending? Who is he kidding? This Congress spent money faster than a Marine buying body armor from a private supplier before he ships out.

Along with direct tax and budget packages, we also passed the Energy Bill that contained three major objectives: jobs, jobs and jobs.

You keep saying "jobs", but I keep hearing "pork". Smilin' Norm is right on the larger issue though: whatever the objective of the Bush Energy Bill was, the objective clearly wasn't to establish a resonsible, sustainable energy policy to secure our nation's future. Thanks for the reminder.

Through PSI’s investigation, we uncovered evidence that Saddam Hussein lined his own pockets with billions of dollars that he used to bribe U.N. officials, fund terrorism and secretly rebuild his military.

It's odd. In Norm's world, Oil for Food used to be a scandal about UN mismanagement and corruption. Apparently, not enough people care, because Norm is really pushing the other end of the equation now: that Saddam Hussein used proceeds from Oil for Food to do all sorts of bad stuff. We don't know how much illicit income Iraq gained through Oil for Food. The Coalition for International Justice, the GAO, and the Iraq Survey Group all say about $10 bilion (PDF). Smilin' Norm says $21 billion. Maybe Smilin' Norm is right, but maybe he is pushing a figure vastly different than all the other sources because he desperately wants to bring down Kofi Annan for opposing the invasion of Iraq.


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