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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Invidious word disease

Posted by: Hammer / 10:21 AM

Long, long time readers of 3WN will know that the phrase "simply put" makes me angry. I swear that they add the phrase just to bug me. How else do you explain the 39 uses that Google finds? I'm sure a Nexis search would find dozens more.

Rick Braun offends again:

But one thing that's rarely talked about is Nick Barnett's status in the middle.

Simply put, he's the starter. It's his job to lose.

Yep. He's the starter. Hard to put it more simply than that. The question is, what does the phrase "simply put" add?

I do relish the opportunity to revisit this classic Braun-ism:

Simply put, only an injury or an unforeseen trade where another team offers up something big for Davenport or Fisher would prevent the Packers from going into the season with Green, Davenport and Fisher as their three running backs.

Imagine if he didn't put that sentence simply!


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