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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Evangelicals divided over global warming

Posted by: Hammer / 10:12 AM

There's a growing divide among evangelicals over global warming. Christianity Today published this article:

The theory [global warming] is taken for granted by nearly every scientist working in the field. But because it is difficult to confirm experimentally, a few vocal skeptics continue to raise pointed questions. The skeptics find a ready audience among evangelical Christians, with groups like Focus on the Family saying that "significant disagreement exists within the scientific community regarding the validity of this theory."

Focus on the Family responds via Agape:

However, the Senior Director of Government and Public Policy at Focus on the Family, Peter Brandt, contends that it is "junk science" for Crouch and Christianity Today to suggest that the pro-family ministry has no basis for taking its position on global warming. "There's as much to claim that there is global warming as there is to claim that there is not global warming," Brandt says, "and what we have seen the environmental liberals [and radicals] come out with ... is a bunch of stories which, in fact, tend to support [the theory of] global warming."

Meanwhile, the Focus on the Family spokesman says, "There's also good science that tends to support the fact that there is not global warming that has been caused by mankind's presence on this planet." And it is unfortunate, he adds, that Crouch and Christianity Today have resorted to "ad hominem attacks" in order to discredit people who disagree with their "politically correct" views.

Remember that the Religiously Correct equate "political correctness" with Nazism. (No, they really do.) There is about as much legitimate scientific dispute over global warming as there is about biological evolution. Which is to say, none (or next to it).

This brings back the cart and the horse question. Do evangelicals really believe that global warming is "liberal junk science"? I understand the belief system that opposes evolution, but does the Bible really take a position on global warming? If evangelicals lead the Republican party on cultural issues, why do they follow on climate change? Why are these purportedly family-oriented organizations so willing to subscribe to RightThink at the expense of the planet they leave their children?


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