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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Spitball Zell: Conscience of a nation

Posted by: Hammer / 11:01 AM

Justice Sunday 2 featured many luminaries. Brightly shining among them was Spitball Zell Miller:

And he encouraged that same group of men and women of conscience to stand up and speak out. "For too long the Supreme Court has been handing down decisions that people of faith simply cannot accept," the former Georgia governor said. "Isn't it strange that a government requires a 'No Smoking' sign around gas pumps to remind us of that danger, but then thinks we don't need to be reminded of the danger of living a sinful life."

Yes, I can see no problems with the government telling people what is -- and what is not -- sinful. Prohibition worked out really well. We should do that again...

If Spitball Zell is serious about this, I think he needs to carry a little sign reminding him that he ought not bear false witness against his neighbors. For example, by telling the nation that if John Kerry had his way, the American military would be armed with nothing but spitballs and jet skis.


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