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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mr. Show

Posted by: Hammer / 8:35 AM

Mr. Show gave us Bob, gave us David, gave us Jack Black and the entrancing Sarah Silverman. Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk now gives us a lesson in patriotism:

When this thing began, I was a yellow-bellied liberal. As Karl Rove pointed out, my initial suggestion immediately after 9-11 was to send therapists to the Middle East. I wanted to try to “understand” the people who committed this horrifying deed. I wanted to hold their hands, pat them on the back, and send them “we’re sorry” cards and shipments of "“Peeps"” Easter candies in a “we heart you” basket. In fact, I was the one who suggested we get Dr. Phil on Al jazeera, daily. I wanted to send a delegation of children over there to make a giant clay sculpture entitled "“Peace Lump"”. I wanted to start a dialogue, whatever that is. I remember thinking, wrongly, "“Well, this is a part of the world which we have used and used and where we have neglected to engage with it'’s people in a serious manner and the wave of anger and resentment they have for us must run deep and strong. Probably we will have a long slog of engagement and adjustment and entrenchment ahead of us over there to win them over."” How stupid of me.

Now that's the kind of guy I'd buy a dildo from. (It's not gratuitous if you now Mr. Show)


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