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Friday, August 12, 2005

Yet Another

Posted by: Hammer / 1:59 PM

The Linux world -- perhaps the broader Unix-ish world, I'm not a real expert -- loves recursive acronyms most of all (PINE means PINE Is Not Elm, for example). If you can't come up with a recursive acronym, you go with Yet Another something: Yet Another Bit Torrent Client, is considered a perfectly good program name in the Unix world. Apparently, that formulation has yet to reach Sunni Iraq:

Sunni Arab leaders today rejected Shia calls for a federal Iraq, saying the proposal would fracture the country along religious and ethnic lines.

The minority Sunnis, who were dominant under former president Saddam Hussein, condemned proposals for an autonomous southern region which would raise the prospect of an oil-rich fiefdom dominated by Muslim clerics.

Seriously -- how many oil-rich anythings can you name that are not dominated by Muslim clerics? (Venezuela, fine, you got one. Algeria? 99% Sunni Muslim Nigeria? Maybe.). Anyway, we might as well welcome Yet Another Oil Rich Fiefdom Dominated by Muslim Clerics. At least it's something we're familiar with...

Addendum: I'm not endorsing the Shia plan for a separate south. As I understand the rules for adopting the constitution, the Sunni could -- and clearly would -- veto any such plan. Iraq needs a compromise constitution. It needs it now, not in another 6 months or a year.


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