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Friday, August 05, 2005

Redistributing wealth--From Bill to Steve

Posted by: Jambo / 3:48 PM

OK, maybe $54 doesn't really constitute wealth but it is $54 that is coming to me from Bill Gates and I am going to give it to Steve Jobs. Not that Jobs really needs the money any more than Gates does.

Did anyone else file a return in the Microsoft settlement? A notice went out here in Minnesota about a year ago letting people know that if you had purchased any Microsoft product (including PCs running Windows) you were eligible for part of the anti-trust settlement proceeds. I filled out my form which allowed between about $7 and $25 depending on the product (MS Word got you $7, MS Office more) and since my total was less than $100 dollars I didn't even need to show proof of purchase. Well yesterday my 5 minutes of paperwork paid off and I got a notice that I was eligible for $54 credit towards any computer or software purchase made after (I think, I'm doing this all form memory) December 2004. I'm planning to buy a new iMac in the near future and look forward to the Microsoft corporation paying for a small part of it.

As they say, the wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind fine. Seems like only yesterday I was cashing my $14 check from the CD marketing anti-trust action.


Go for the 20-inch iMac. It's a thing to behold. I have the G4 "iLamp" 20. Alas, I bought it just prior to the release of the G5s, so I overpaid. Still, it was a bargain. You might want to look at the recertified units at - a 20" G5 is only $1400. You won't get the double-layer burner like on the new ones.

By Blogger Joseph, at 8:54 AM  

I filled one out, but haven't seen a check yet. Maybe I can use my $8 toward the new Madden game.

By Blogger Hammer, at 9:04 AM  

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