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Monday, October 31, 2005

Smilin' Norm: The UN is kinda, sorta, a bit like the Nazis

Posted by: Hammer / 10:08 AM

I can't listen to this myself because all the Laura Ingraham archives require a paid subscription, but according to one diarist at, Sen. Smilin' Norm Coleman (R-MN) had this to say about UN governance over the Internet root server:

[The Guardian] talked about this in saying that faced with international consensus, there's little the U.S. government can do but acquiesce. response is that acquiescence would be appeasement. We can't allow Tunis [the site of the next UN conference on this] to become a digital Munich.

What happened at Munich? Coleman clearly is referencing this:

In September 1938 British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain, met German Chancellor Adolf Hitler in Munich to settle the future of the Sudetenland. Hitler's demand that this Czechoslovak land be ceded to Germany was agreed because it was settled by Germans and would therefore be in line with the principle of national self-determination.

Since coming to power in January 1933, Hitler had systematically sought to revise the terms of the Treaty of Versailles which had deprived Germany of territory, and imposed disarmament and swingeing reparations. Agreeing to Hitler's demands became known as Appeasement.

So, no, I'm not claiming that Smilin' Norm called the United Nations a bunch of Nazis. He clearly did not. According to one diarist on, though, he did compare shared governance over the Internet with the appeasement of Hitler in 1938. It's unfortunate hyperbole. Smilin' Norm should know better.


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