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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Unicorn stuck on the aircraft carrier

Posted by: Hammer / 7:58 AM

Bear in mind that this news was released last week and could still prove to be a silly prank. But (if true) Nintendo once again demonstrates its commitment to trying new things. This time, a video game based on the Joy of Painting, starring Bob Ross:

Painter Bob Ross and his famous 'happy little trees' public access hit TV show, "The Joy of Painting," will be the basis of a Revolution videogame by developer AGFRAG Entertainment Group. The legendary afroed-artist's death in 1995 hasn't stopped his cult status from exploding to such heights that he's been spoofed in a number of films and television programs (notably, a recent Boondocks episode on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block had a Ross-like character guest star.)

It probably wouldn't be as funny as painting with the inner child (starring Mark Mckinney of the Kids in the Hall):

...Now if you remember all great paintings have an element of tragedy to them. Uh for instance if you remember from last week, the unicorn was stuck on the aircraft carrier and couldn't get off. That was very sad. Uh and this week some of you wrote in with your suggestions. In fact Mrs. Trabinsky of Paulvale Street wrote in and suggested we give this lover [points to man in painting] a tumor in his head. So, let's begin! Now colour is especially important with a tumor. ...


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