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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

How many lies to fill the Albert Hall?

Posted by: Jambo / 12:10 PM

Remember how Condi Rice in Liverpool claimed to be a "huge Beatles fan" and then got stumped by a pretty standard Beatles music reference? Well, like most of the Bush administration she has a different lie for each occasion. This time it's liking some unnamed U2 songs when Bono gets to play editor for the day. I don't have the classical music background to argue with any of her choices there but why would such a big Beatles fan find room for Kool and the Gang and Elton John but not the Fab four? Oh, that's right, because she is a big fat liar. Remember how the Republicans say that if Clinton would lie about little things like sex what else would he lie about?

(I love David Letterman but it was funny to see him get busted years ago when Collin Hay was on his show and Dave said, "I really like your new album." Colin said, "Really? What's your favorite song?" "Um, I think the one you just did.")


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