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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

AP's confused bias

Posted by: Hammer / 1:34 PM

One week ago, AP featured this:
President Bush's campaign to make the tax code simpler, fairer and more pro-growth is likely to involve incremental changes to the current system rather than a sweeping effort to scrap the venerable income tax for a radically new approach, such as a national sales tax.
That doesn't sound exactly like a White House press release, or does it?
"The president has yet to appoint the panel that will review the tax code and make recommendations on how it can be made simpler, fairer and more pro-growth," said Claire Buchan, a White House spokeswoman.

Thankfully, not every news organization rushed the AP spin into print. The Pioneer Press managed to convey the same information with a neutral tone:

President Bush's campaign to overhaul the tax code is likely to involve incremental changes rather than a sweeping effort to scrap the income tax for a radically new approach, such as a national sales tax.

Of course, everyone knows that AP is a terrorist front:

The AP is using photographers who have relationships with the terrorists; this is for the purpose of helping to tell the terrorists' "stories." The photographers don't have to swear allegiance to the terrorists--gosh, that's reassuring--but they have "family and tribal relations" with them. And they aren't embedded--I'm not sure I believe that--but they don't need to be either, since the terrorists tip them off when they are about to commit an act that they want filmed.
The AP is complicit with terrorists, part of the terrorist organization, cooperating with terrorists, glorified the terrorists, acting as the voice of Islamic fascism, collaborating with the enemy, and so on.

In reality, AP reported:

In Baghdad, dozens of gunmen-- unmasked and apparently unafraid to show their faces-- executed three election officials on Sunday, part of their campaign to disrupt next month's parliamentary ballot. The gunmen ran rampant over a main downtown thoroughfare, dragged the three workers from a car, lay them on the street in the middle of morning traffic and shot them point-blank.

AP made a photograph of the shooting available. It's not clear to me what the relationship was between the photographer and the AP. The photographer was told there would be a demonstration on Haifa Street, but it's not entirely clear who told the photographer about the demonstration.

AP, then, is a terrorist collaborator for accurately reporting facts. This is insanity. Facts are facts, folks. I know the right wing believes, for today at least, that printing this photo aids the insurgents by intimidating Iraqis. This photo of the execution of a Viet Cong guerilla taken in 1968 is credited with turning sentiment against the war. Thirty six years from now, the AP photograph might be credited with turning Iraqi sentiment against the insurgents.

With the future of Iraq still so much in doubt, TWN suggests this: whoever is threatened, protect them; whoever is intimidated, make them secure; wherever bands of gunmen roam the streets, destroy them; whenever facts disrupt your view of the world, learn from them.


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