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Friday, January 28, 2005

Not just sad, but dumb, too

Posted by: Hammer / 8:00 AM

UW's Ryan defends Butch:
Two days after Brian Butch was criticized on national television, University of Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan stood up for his freshman forward.

"To have a player individually called out in this manner is a sad commentary in this day in college athletics, especially someone who has not seen us practice and, as far as I know, has never seen Brian play in person in college," Ryan said in a statement Thursday.

Ryan was responding to comments made by ESPN analyst Doug Gottlieb. In discussing the Big Ten, Gottlieb chose the Badgers as his overrated team and said Butch was the most overrated player in the conference.

ESPN used to do a lot of actual reporting. Now, like all of cable news, they are reduced to bone-headed analysis. The accuracy of an opinion is far less important than whether it is provocative. Gottlieb's an ass. 19 year old kid just wants to play basketball.

Gottlieb is dumb, as well. According to the last poll, the 4-2 Badgers are ranked #18 in the country. The 2-4 Iowa Hawkeyes are ranked #23. The Badgers are 3-1 against ranked teams, only losing to top-ranked Illinois. Iowa is 2-2 against ranked teams, including a loss to Illinois. If you want to call a team over-rated, look at the standings first.


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