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Friday, January 07, 2005

The terrorists have already won

Posted by: Hammer / 1:54 PM

Sit down. Trust me. It's about to get really, really weird. (via TownHall):
Is anyone really hurt by allowing homosexuals to marry? Should our attentions be focused on other issues that are more apt to consume the attention of the broader consensus of the population: for example, our efforts to bring democracy to Iraq?

In Iraq last week, the Ansar al-Sunnah Army (and two other insurgent groups) issued a statement warning the populace not to participate in upcoming elections. According to the statements (which were reported by the Associated Press on Dec. 31) democracy could lead to the passing of un-Islamic laws, such as “permitting homosexual marriage.” To the Muslim extremists who are fighting our soldiers, accepting American political culture means that “gay marriage” is following close behind.


When democracy does prevail in this state, as it did in 11 states in November, the legal definition of marriage will continue to be “one man and one woman,” but it is unfair to expect a group of Islamic guerillas to understand that. In short, the issue of homosexual marriage is very important, not only here in Massachusetts but around the world. Our failure as citizens of this state to undo the miscarriage of justice perpetrated last year and end gay marriage is causing insurgents in Iraq to resist democratic reform and kill American soldiers. We need to correct a grave wrong on our home front immediately.

Yep. Americans are dying in Iraq because gay marriage isn't illegal enough in the United States. Now, look. We probably don't want to take democracy lessons from the Ansar al-Sunnah Army or any group that believes that democracy is apostasy and amounts to idolizing human beings, anyway. But the MassNews argument breaks two important right-wing rules:
  • Understanding why terrorists attack the United States justifies their actions.
  • We must defend every piece of Americana in order that it might not be said that the "terrorists have already won".
  • In this case, the only real solution for conservatives is to fight extremely hard to extend the rights of marriage to homosexual couples so the terrorists don't win without admitting that they have any knowledge of terrorist motivations which would justify their actions.


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