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Friday, February 18, 2005

Agape round-up: Rankest hypocrisy

Posted by: Hammer / 2:08 PM

In California this is bad: Following Legal Explanation, Calif. School Rights Its Sex-Ed Wrongs
The Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) was recently contacted by concerned parents after their son, without their mandatory notification and consent, was shown a video discussing sensitive sexual topics. The parents subsequently exempted their son from sex education, only to find out afterwards that he was then forced to sit alone in a hall, with no assignments -- again, a direct violation of state law. In addition, the student was required to take tests on the material from which he had been lawfully exempted and, as a result, received low grades.
But in Virginia, this is good: Bible Classes Can Remain, Says Virginia School Board
After holding lengthy public debate on the matter, a school board in rural Virginia has decided to continue offering Bible classes in the district.

The six-member Staunton School Board voted 5-1 in favor of retaining Weekday Religious Education (WRE) in schools. The program, under which parents give written permission for their child to leave the school campus for non-denominational religious education, has been in existence in Staunton for more than 50 years. However some parents in the district, with aid from the American Civil Liberties Union, have assailed the program, arguing it has no place in public schools.

What happens to kids who don't participate in WRE? According to Slate, "[O]ne of the school board's principal concerns was with the fate of those children whose parents opt out of the WRE. Not because they are stigmatized, but because these kids sit around and color while all their friends go across the street to church."

I guess the difference is that in California the kid sat in the hallway with nothing to do, while in Virginia the kids sit in the classroom with nothing to do.


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