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Friday, February 18, 2005

Smilin' Norm: Darling of the Black Helicopter Right

Posted by: Hammer / 9:43 AM

Conservatives descend on D.C.:
More than 4,000 conservative activists and leaders " some critical of the Bush administration that they helped elect " will gather today a few blocks from the White House.

They will hear from Vice President Dick Cheney and Bush policy adviser Karl Rove when the 32nd annual Conservative Political Action Conference kicks off its three-day meeting at the Ronald Reagan Building. ...

For his Senate investigation of the U.N. oil-for-food scandal and defense of U.S. sovereignty, Sen. Norm Coleman, Minnesota Republican, will receive the Defender of the Constitution Award at the banquet.

Meanwhile, Kojo Annan is responding to Smilin' Norm's accusation that Kojo clouted for Cotecna:
Kojo Annan, who did not testify at the Washington hearing, issued a statement on Tuesday denying allegations of a possible conflict of interest.

He said claims to this effect by Norm Coleman, head of the Senate investigating panel, were "inaccurate, misleading and incomplete".

"At no time was I involved with any negotiations or lobbying of the United Nations with regard to the oil-for-food programme," said Kojo Annan.

He accused Coleman of using his position at Cotecna to try to get at his father, the UN secretary-general.

"Based as they are on incomplete and inaccurate facts, one can only assume that the statements made by chairman Coleman were not meant to shed light on concerns regarding the oil-for-food programme, but instead were politically motivated and intended to harm my father and the United Nations," he said.

At 3WN we suspect a minor degree of malfeasance in the UN's oil for food program, which was largely tolerated by the world community as it occurred. We applaud all efforts toward openness and accountability in government. However, we suspect that Smilin' Norm is far more interested in presenting misleading information in order to score points with the Black Helicopter Right than he is good government. In fact, we suspect Smilin' Norm only cares about the oil for food program because it establishes his bona fides with Republican primary voters in New Hampshire.


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