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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Posted by: Hammer / 12:55 PM

Is there anything as disputed and ill-defined as the politics of homosexuality? We start off with something shocking (c. 1950) or banal (c. 2005). A well-intentioned, though seemingly platitudinal, student-written play:
The play ("Offsides") ran for approximately 20 minutes telling the story of football player Ryan Foster, portrayed by Henry and how he came to terms with the fact that he is gay. His friends, including a girlfriend, reject him.

“Am I a little too much like you for your own comfort?” Foster asked the audience from the screen. “Do you hate me because you see a little of me hiding in you?”

During the play, two men appear to kiss an instant before the stage lights are dimmed.

Queue the outrage:

We start with a kiss. We end with a mess. Is this homosexual teaching? Is it encouraging homosexual activity? Is it part of an agenda? Is it criminal?

There is a potential issue in politicizing diversity. Somewhere within the notion of tolerance there is a division between criticizing hate and demanding acceptance. It's the line between challenging ideas and demanding conformity of thought. It's the line between dramatizing sexuality and encouraging sex activity. The answer, of course, is portray sex as it actually is: a painfully embarrassing experience which leaves most participants permanently scarred and ashamed.

Beyond that, the right is making several demands. First, don't challenge their ideas. They can't take it. Their deepest convictions (tax cuts for the wealthy aside) crumble when confronted by opposing viewpoints. Second, consider homosexuality from their perspective: a criminal activity equivalent to fondling a corpse, which somehow remains a compelling lure to their children.


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