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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

All Request Wednesday: Early Childhood and Family Education

Posted by: Hammer / 10:51 AM

From Missus Hammer: Early Childhood and Family Education is one of the all-time no-brainer government programs. Everyone should support voluntary ECFE. Whether you're a progressive who wants all children to have the best shot possible at a successful life or a conservative who wants to cut government spending. ECFE teaches young kids and parents invaluable skills, which helps kids get off to a great start. In addition, it identifies weaknesses best addressed early -- speech and language problems, emotional and behavioral issues, and parent development issues, to name a few. ECFE helps prevent child abuse. Each dollar spent on ECFE saves an average of $8 in future government spending. (This study puts the figure at $4 to $7 in savings; either way, it's a lot of bang for the taxpayer's buck.)

So, in sum, we have a cost-effective, voluntary program that helps children and saves taxpayers money. We should throw every dollar we can at ECFE until the teachers are using coins in the sensory tables and paper money as mulch in the playgrounds.


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