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Monday, March 14, 2005

Rapture Monday: Sinfully liberal media

Posted by: Hammer / 12:46 PM

As of March 12, the rapture index is holding steady at 152. 3WN advises you not to worry about the funny shaped mole on your arm. It'll all be over soon.

Death to community standards!

God forbid kids in honors lit classes should actually read:
A woman in Michigan has asked the district where her teenage daughter attends school to exempt the child from all reading assignments that contain obscenity, immorality, and other troubling themes. Now the Christian mom is upset because she feels her teenager is being made to suffer academically and emotionally for a decision that every parent is legally entitled to make.

Vanessa Thrasher is upset that Southfield Public School officials are requiring her 15-year-old daughter, Katherine, to read controversial books such as Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zorah Neale Hurston and Black Boy by Richard Wright -- books that contain objectionable elements such as profanity, sexual content, and denigrating depictions of Christians.

Thrasher wants her daughter to be given alternate reading material in her sophomore honors literature and composition class.

Katherine, I'm sorry and I want to help. If your teacher assigns Moby Dick, I suggest a hefty donation to Greenpeace. That's a novel we all should be exempt from.

As I recall, there are large chunks of the Bible that contain troubling immorality, as well. Joe Heller's outstanding novelization of the story of King David, God Knows, details many of them. Basically, David lusts for Bathsheba. David screws Bathsheba. David impregnates Bathsheba. David can't get Uriah to sleep with Bathsheba to cover his tracks, so he has Uriah killed. David marries Bathsheba. God kills David and Bathsheba's innocent child. I'm assuming that your mother forbids you to read of such immorality. You do want to be consistent, don't you?

No, they don't want to be consistent

Ste. Thrasher hasn't put her claim into suit yet. If she does, it will be trumpeted as yet another family values advocate standing up for what she believes. When her claim is eventually dismissed, like this one, I assume there will be a call to penalize Thrasher for bringing a frivolous suit:
A judge has rejected a Wisconsin high school student's lawsuit against mandatory summer homework.

In January, 17-year-old Peer Larson and his father, Bruce Lawson, filed suit against officials with the Whitnall School District, arguing three honors pre-calculus assignments should not have been required after the 180-day academic year was over. The plaintiffs argued that the summer homework created an unfair workload and unnecessary stress.

However, Judge Richard Sankovitz, has tossed out the suit. In his ruling, the judge observed, "Had the Larsons done a bit more homework," they would have learned that the people of Wisconsin granted the legislature "power to establish school boards."

The power to establish school boards, indeed.


Oh, those crazy witches have families who can type:
A statewide family values group Tuesday praised Midland Central Middle School Principal Paula Geller for pledging to ensure that the middle school’s student newspaper will not publish articles in the future encouraging its 11- to 13-year old readers to consider experimenting with witchcraft.

Gary Glenn, Midland, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, contacted school officials in response to the Winter 2005 issue of the middle school’s Cavalier Chronicle, which included an article entitled “Good Witch or Bad Witch?” in which an 8th grade member of the student newspaper staff wrote that “most people believe that witches don’t exist, and I am here to prove them wrong.”

“My family is a normal family, except that my aunt is a Wiccan witch,” the Central Middle School 8th grader wrote. “…I have decided to experiment with this religion and see if this is the way for me. I also think that some of the kids in school would like some of the things that Wiccans do, like: We gather in meetings every week and talk, gossip, and learn about the Wiccan way. We cast spells and potions. …So, if you are interested, you can look up some books…and learn all you want about Wiccans.”

The story goes on to detail all the horrible crimes associated with witchcraft. At 3WN we generally believe that individuals are responsible for their own actions. We believe that most horrific crimes are committed by seriously ill people and should not be a reflection upon any groups with which they are associated. Since the good people at AFA Michigan do not, I'm sure they'll join me in urging the school to bar all references to Christianity, in light of this tragedy:
Terry Ratzmann, the man who police say killed seven people and then himself during a church service, was a member of the Living Church of God, a denomination that focuses on "end-time'' prophecies.

The church's estimated 6,300 members in 40 countries place a strong emphasis on using world news to "prove'' that these are end times, to be followed by Christ's second coming.

This year, the group's leader, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith, wrote that events prophesied in the Bible are "beginning to occur with increasing frequency.''

The Supreme Court loves that kiddee porn

Though not Justice Thomas, of course:
A conservative activist says if you're looking for radicals, the U.S. Supreme Court is the place to start. Author and political commentator Mark Levin says the Supreme Court is the last bastion of radicalism left in America today. The high court, he says, confers rights on terrorists, confers benefits on illegal immigrants, and seeks to eliminate all references to religion from the public square. "They want to deny you and me our free-speech rights before an election," he adds, "but they have no problem with upholding cyberspace child pornography as a constitutional right." Levin says the judicial activists on the high court believe they can do anything they want when, in reality, it is the people who decide the issues of the day -- not nine elevated lawyers.
There is no right to possess or distribute child pornography on the Internets or elsewhere.

The bloodthirsty Christ

Life in prison is just not enough...
It was September 1997. Kevin Golphin, 17, and his brother Timon, 19, had robbed at gunpoint a finance company worker in Kingstree, South Carolina. They had stolen a car as part of their getaway and were headed north on Interstate 95, when North Carolina Highway Patrolman Ed Lowry pulled the two over for a simple seat belt violation. After calling in the license plate number, Lowry learned the car was stolen and Cumberland County Sheriff's deputy David Hathcock arrived for backup.

As the two officers attempted to arrest Kevin, a struggle ensued and Timon opened fire with a semiautomatic rifle on both Lowry and Hathcock. Both officers lay helplessly on the ground bleeding, when Kevin took Lowry's pistol and at point blank range shot both men to death. ...

All of that changes, however, since the U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week that the execution of murderers who committed their crimes while under the age of 18 is a violation of the Eighth Amendment. Although Kevin Golphin's murder of two law enforcement officers was exceptionally notorious, sentencing him to death is now considered "cruel and unusual punishment." Golphin is off death row and both Lowry and Hathcock's blood must cry out from the ground!!! ....

"Words have no meaning if the views of less than 50 percent of death penalty states can constitute a national consensus," said Scalia. With regard to the death penalty being disproportionate for minors, Scalia declared, "Juries 'maintain a link between contemporary community values and the penal system' that this Court cannot claim for itself." ...

For all those who believe juveniles are never culpable enough to deserve capital punishment, consider this: Not everyone in hell is over the age of 18. God holds individuals responsible according to their abilities at whatever age to discern right and wrong.

Again, I'm not a Biblical scholar, but I thought forgiveness was a big part of Christianity. I guess you can still forgive someone in your heart even after the transgressor's heart has ceased beating.

And a note for Justice Scalia. Nice math, jerk wad. If only one state in the country allowed capital punishment, and that state allowed you to execute mentally retarded seven year olds by having them drawn and quartered, I assume you would find no national consensus against putting to death mentally retarded seven year olds with only the help of a team of horses? After all, a full 100% of death penalty states would approve of the practice. Or did your words just lose meaning?

God works in mysterious ways; Satan works in the UN

Why else would Agape run this:
The scandals that have hit the United Nations are spawning renewed calls for American lawmakers to stop funding the international body. Capitol Hill is keeping a very close eye on the U.N., where billions of dollars have allegedly been siphoned off through scandals, waste, and fraud. Because U.S. taxpayers foot the bill for one-third to one-half of the U.N. budget, a majority of those in Congress want more accountability from the world body. Nile Gardiner of the Heritage Foundation says the money pipeline from Washington, DC, may get turned off if things do not change. "Congress is making steps towards cutting funding for the United Nations, unless it implements widespread reform -- unless it cooperates fully with the Oil for Food investigation, for example," Gardiner says. But he says he does not expect Washington to react with great speed. "I think, in a way, we are stuck with the United Nations as an institution for a long time to come," he says. "[But] certainly, I think, the time may well come when the United States calls for the establishment of a new world body." The Heritage Foundation official predicts a new alliance would be composed of democratic nations only. The current makeup of the U.N. includes only 50 democracies among its 190 members.

Sinfully liberal media

Everyone knows that Dan Rather, specifically, and the news media, generally, is sinfully liberal:
And mark it well -- the media does lean left. News that comes our way is, for the most part, devoid of a perspective that reflects anything close to a Judeo-Christian, culturally- and economically-conservative position. One of the first columns I ever wrote received a smack-down response from the local liberal: it presented the old research on the media elite which interviewed 238 gatekeepers of media perspective at America's most influential media outlets: the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, and the news organizations at CBS, NBC, ABC, and PBS. Individuals were selected randomly from the news staffs. Half had no religious affiliation at all; only 8 percent attended church or synagogue weekly. A majority saw themselves as political liberals; just 17 percent placed themselves on the conservative right of the political spectrum. Only 9 percent were convinced that homosexuality is morally wrong. Fifty-four percent saw nothing wrong with adultery; only 15 percent "strongly agreed" that extra-marital affairs were wrong. Ninety percent believed a woman should have a right to an abortion. ...

It reminded me of two quotes, the first by Dan Rather and the other about him: * "If we [CBS Evening News co-anchor Connie Chung and Rather] could be one-hundredth as great as you and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been in the White House, we'd take it right now and walk away winners .... Tell Mrs. Clinton we respect her and we're pulling for her." (To President Clinton, via satellite, at a May 27, 1993, CBS affiliates meeting)

That quote is pretty damning evidence of liberal bias. Unless, of course, it's taken out of context:
BOB GARFIELD: Many on the right of the political spectrum believe that Dan Rather of the CBS Evening News slants coverage to a liberal point of view. There's even a web site called curated by two college students, Greg and Matthew Sheffield. Here's Greg Sheffield with what he regards as the most egregious example of Rather bias.

MEN: New President Bill Clinton congratulated Dan Rather on his on-air partnership with Connie Chung. Thank you, Mr. President, thank you. Thank you, Mr. President. If we could be one one hundredth as great as you and Hillary Rodham Clinton have been together in the White House, we [could quit] right now and walk away winners. [Dan Rather at a meeting for CBS affiliates, speaking to Bill Clinton via satellite, May 27th, 1993]

Why, it's almost as if Rather was politely accepting a compliment, rather than endorsing a political agenda. It kinda sounds like Rather was complimenting a man on his marriage. But, still, you take your liberal media bias where you can find it. And when you replace the Rather scourge with the George Bush's golfing buddy, you have to look a little harder.

For example, it's hard to find liberal bias in CBS's report on Social Security privatization during Schieffer's first broadcast:

With annual returns topping 10 percent since the program began, advocates of privatization deem Chile a success story.

Nearly $60 billion worth of retirement assets have been put to work in the Chilean stock market. Supporters of private accounts say all this investment in local companies has helped fuel an unprecedented economic boom.

Rather than using a tomato farmer as the program's sole critic, CBS could have spoken to someone with a bit more authority and expertise:
"It is evident the system requires reform," the minister of labor and social security, Ricardo Scolari, said in an interview here. Chile's current approach based on private pension funds has "important strengths," he said, but "it is absolutely impossible to think that a system of this nature is going to resolve the income needs of Chileans when they reach old age."


Now the Christian mom is upset because she feels her teenager is being made to suffer academically and emotionally for a decision that every parent is legally entitled to make.

How about she make a choice to home school her child? No? OK, then, live w/ the f-ing reading list.

By Anonymous Ba Ha Ha, at 5:07 PM  

There really does need to be a community standard, which is what the school board is for. If the locally elected school board thinks the material is appropriate, either read the book, take your F, or home school.

By Blogger Hammer, at 8:45 AM  

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