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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Excuse me, sir, but there is a laugh test

Posted by: Hammer / 3:29 PM

Remember a few weeks back, when the right wing blogs were screaming for Eason Jordan's head. On the Media has a report with a Wall Street Journal writer who witnessed the infamous (but not publicly released) remarks, but didn't think to write about it at the time:
BOB GARFIELD: When speculation grew over the following week, the, the Wall Street Journal seemed willing to cede the story to the bloggers. I mean you were there, you took notes, but you waited nearly two weeks before publishing your account in the daily newspaper.

BRET STEVENS: January 30th, Iraq held an election. February 3rd, I think, the president delivered a, a state of the union address. There were other large stories out there in the world, and it wasn't, in our view, the biggest story of the day. By the time I then wrote an op-ed for the Journal under my own name on February 10th, it had taken on a kind of life of its own. And so, once the blogosphere, in a sense, along with a few other newspapers, had sort of insisted on this issue, it seemed that it was appropriate, as I had been there from the beginning, to offer a comment about it.

That's right -- the Wall Street Journal only runs one story a day. The biggest story of the day. Jan. 30, Iraqi election. Feb. 3, State of the Union. There's just no room in the paper for smaller stories. They devote the rest of their space to help wanted ads:
Position available. Immediate opening Domestic servant wanted to clean house, cook meals, raise child. Prefer undocumented, non-English speakers. Must have own driver's license -- even in Minnesota. Must be reliable, punctual, discreet. No fatties.


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