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Thursday, May 05, 2005

50 million users can't be wrong

Posted by: Hammer / 2:15 PM

Here at 3WN we're fond of noting that most of the people are wrong most of the time. In this case, though, 50 million people are right:
Open-source browser Firefox has topped the 50 million download mark, 171 days after its release.

The creator of the browser, the Mozilla Foundation, noted on its Web site that it would create 50 limited-edition coins to commemorate the event. The coins would be given to users with the best stories of how they personally boosted the browser's adoption.

The foundation also noted that a prize would be given to the Web site owner responsible for the 50 millionth download, although details of that prize have not been revealed.

We've got a slightly better shot of winning a Firefox prize than a Pulitzer, but on advice from the Shiv, I'm not holding my breath over either.


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