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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Call for help: MSP Communications

Posted by: Hammer / 11:32 AM

Someone help me out here. Mpls St Paul Magazine has an interview with Katherine Kersten. The interview starts out like this: "Katherine Kersten is the Star Tribune’s new metro columnist, and the first conservative to write for the paper since 1895. We stole an hour to find out if she’d made eye contact with Doug Grow yet." Questions include "Why leave a conservative think tank you helped found, for the center of the belly of the liberal media beast?" and "One of the recent criticisms leveled at the liberal media is that they lack a sense of humor. But I’ve read Ann Coulter, and you’re no Ann Coulter."

I don't read Mpls St Paul Magazine. Is it a conservative publication, or is this just one free lance writer's idea of how to conduct an interview? Most city magazines are more about restaurant reviews and shopping tips so they leave such partisanship to other sources.

Note: I found the interview through The Blotter.


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