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Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Posted by: Hammer / 2:14 PM

This is crazy, isn't it? I don't watch a lot of North Carolina basketball, but the last time I watched North Carolina play, Marvin Williams was invisible. Six points in 21 minutes. Sean May, who dominated the game, is projected to go 19th. Rashad McCants is projected to go 17th. Raymond Felton, the guy who made 6 free throws to close the door against Wisconsin, is projected to go 5th.

And Marvin Williams, Mr. Invisible, is projected to be drafted second.

And all hail Bo Ryan and his Badgers who gave UNC one of their toughest games in the tournament, despite the fact that none of the Badgers five seniors are expected to be drafted. Mike Wilkinson might be drafted, but is more likely to be playing in Europe.


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