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Monday, June 13, 2005

I lost to this guy

Posted by: Hammer / 1:53 PM

Last year I entered a contest to blog about the Packers. Hoo-whee, I lost. They picked this guy:
Peter King in Sports Illustrated picks the Vikings to be in the Super Bowl. I have them at third place in their own division. Losing Moss and replacing him with Sharper and Smoot doesn't do it for me. Basically it comes down to who can stop our offense, to which I don't think there is anyone that can and what other offense in the division will our defense not be able to be competitive with.
Call me what you will (as if anyone needed permission). That sentence violates just about every rule of syntax and grammar yet devised.

As an added bonus, it makes no sense.

One more juxtaposition. I'm omitting two paragraphs to spare you lot some pain:

If you can run it down someone's throat, you win most of the time, and if you can't stuff the run, you get exposed on defense. The rest is all window dressing...

Randy Moss simply was the number one factor in why that offense was so great. He and he alone opened up the field for the rest of the Viking team. He was a threat to score on any given play from any point on the field and teams had to defend with that in mind.

Power running is the key to football, except that Moss, and Moss alone, opened up the field for the Vikings. In addition to being logically inconsistent, both parts of the argument have the virtue of being false. You don't have to be a power rushing team to do well in the NFL and, while Moss was a huge part of the offense, there was a wealth of talent in Minnesota.

By the way, I pay to read this stuff. I give you the good stuff for free.


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