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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Solution to Minnesota's budget impasse

Posted by: Hammer / 2:42 PM

It's time to put Minnesota's fundamentalist tradition to good use. Many (most?) areas of the state are served by municipal liquor stores -- all I know is that there are 3 crappy liquor stores in Lakeville and about 3 more in Apple Valley. If the state took control of the liquor stores this week, then shut them down as non-essential, we'd have a budget agreement in less than an hour.

How many legislators want to keep their constituents from enjoying a beer on the 4th of July? That, dear friends, is downright un-American.

Alternatively, we could close down the liquor stores and set up a speed trap on I94 just before the St. Croix river bridge. We'd have enough citations to balance the budget on the backs of problem drinkers like me within the day.

Seriously, though, the liquor stores'll stay open, right? Right!? There's no provision for inspections or license renewal that's going to fall through the cracks?


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