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Thursday, August 25, 2005

For Your Consideration

Posted by: ben. for reals. / 3:51 PM

Hammer is still far away, so I will continue to post fluff... I am a Christopher Guest freak, an Office (BBC version, of course, although I think the U.S. version had its moments) freak, and I have a special affection for movies about movies (The Player, in particular). For those reasons, I find this news from today's Guardian very pleasing:
Ricky Gervais, the beloved co-creator of The Office and Extras, is to appear in a Christopher Guest film about the shooting of a bad movie.... It will chart the making of an exquisitely bad indie film staring three actors whose lives are dramatically changed when they get wind of the fact they have been tipped for awards.... Gervais plays the head of a studio's specialty division, who is producing the film, called Home for Purim. It is "an extraordinarily poorly written movie. It's a melodrama, and it's just awful. These actors never would have imagined that this movie was going to change their lives," Guest said.
I really don't see how this could be anything other than splendid.


Fluff indeed. Yeah, not everyone has the journalistic chops to post cartoon cat skeletons.

By Blogger Jambo, at 4:38 PM  

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