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Monday, August 22, 2005

While the cat's away....

Posted by: ben. for reals. / 4:51 PM

I will write about tomatoes.

Attention TWN readers with restaurant management experience:

Why is it darn near impossible to get a ripe tomato in a restaurant, even in a pretty decent restaurant? Tomatoes are not supposed to be the texture of cardboard, nor should they be the color of my skin (skim milk, with the faintest hint of pink). It's not like I'm a tomato addict or anything, it just bothers me that they consistently (and needlessly, I believe) suck.

Say I’m a restaurant owner, and I use one box of tomatoes each week in my restaurant. Perhaps I could order two boxes one week and set one box aside to ripen for use the following week. Then I could continue to order my tomatoes a week ahead of the time I plan to use them. What part of the restaurant tomato ordering process am I missing? Is there a restaurant in town that should be praised for its ability to consistently serve ripe tomatoes?


There are two things you can't buy in this life: true love or a garden tomato. Or so goes the song, anyway.

By Anonymous Spot, at 9:32 PM  

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