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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Bush in Minnesota: 39/58 (no change)

Posted by: Hammer / 8:33 AM

The latest SUSA poll says 39% of Minnesotans approve of Bush's job performance and 58% disapprove. There's been precious little movement overall since the free fall began in July (49/49).

Bush's approval rating among Blacks has swung 19 points upward since August 15...but the margin of error for the subset is almost 24 points, so that data is more or less useless.

Minnesota Republicans report the lowest approval for Bush this year, 78%. That's down 12 points since July. Conservatives, in contrast, show relatively little change in support. 71% of conservatives approved of Bush's job performance in August, down to 67% now, within the 7 point margin of error.

Tracking the national trend, regular church goers are leaving Bush faster than Packer fans at an 11 o'clock mass. 55/40 approved in May, 2005, down to 48/50 in October.


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