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Monday, October 17, 2005

If only she'd been on board all that sex could have been avoided

Posted by: Jambo / 4:44 PM

Turning to Katherine Kersten for a conversation about sex is like turning to an apartment dweller for lawn care tips. It's just not something they're likely to have had any direct experience with. I was going to make the same comment about talking to KK about football until I saw her new Strib picture (her 3rd--guys, it's not the photo that's the problem.) She appears to be wearing a giant Cleveland Browns helmet minus the facemask (pity) so she is at least a casual student of the game. But today Minnesota's Worst Writerâ„¢ takes on the Vikings sex scandal under the headline The Truth About the Vikings Party. And of course turning to KK for the truth is, well, see above.

Surprise, surprise it is all the fault of decades of "enlightened free thinkers" which certainly means KK and her friends are off the hook. How many decades? I'm guessing 3 and a half since the cartridge that was popped into our one trick pony this fall was the "blame the 60s" module. Curiously absent is any mention of the fact that pro football players are some of the most public proclaimers of their Christian faith, one of KK's other popular themes. Has there been a post game interview lately that doesn't start by thanking god? And all those players who point skyward after a great (or even not so great) play? You don't suppose any of them were on the boats, do you? They are also pretty reliably Republican these days.

So why no insightful story of believers gone astray? Or the corrupting power of wealth and fame? A common complaint about pro athletes is their attitude that the rules that apply to regular folks don't apply to them. But somehow a columnist whose party is all about perpetuating wealth and privilege misses that angle and concludes that, nope, this is all about those darn free thinkers. It's the old conservative fallback that sex is naughty and anyone who doesn't believe so is part of the problem.

I don't feel the need to go into depth about the boat events themselves, others have covered that already. But suffice it to say that I, like millions of other, don't give a crap if NFL players go nuts with a boatload of hookers. Consenting adults are consulting adults. Our objection is to the public nature of it and the alleged intimidation of a bunch of unsuspecting young people who thought they were just going to be serving drinks. It sounds like the players involved acted like a bunch of over-privileged jerks. That doesn't mean we're down on sex, even weird anonymous sex. We're just down on jerks.

Oh, and we don't much care for Kersten, either. Just wanted to make that clear.


How bad is KK? I was listening to KFAN yesterday afternoon (as I often do after a Viking debacle) and heard Dan Barreiro suggesting that the Strib editors hired KK because she would be so awful. See, the Strib editors have a powerful liberal agenda which is advanced by hiring a clueless conservative like KK instead of a rational, reasoned conservative like ... gee, Barreiro had no suggestions there.

Who else could the Strib hire? Arne Carlson, Dave Durenberger...they might not be intersted in the job, but they would be solid Republican voices.

By Blogger Hammer, at 8:56 AM  

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